It’s a wrap for the band from Barbados that started as an experiment on a Caribbean university campus and rose to popularity around the world as NexCyx.

On January 1, 2016, the group dropped the name NexCyx to become 2 Mile Hill.

“After careful thought and listening to our closest fans and friends, we realized that the name NexCyx had taken us as far as we could go with it. We knew it was time for change,” said André, musical director and keyboardist.

The name 2 Mile Hill is a nod to the band’s homeland of Barbados, where the community of Two Mile Hill is home to primary roadway in the urban parish of Saint Michael.

What’s next for 2 Mile Hill? New music, new partnerships and then some.

“2 Mile Hill is already opening new possibilities and we couldn’t be happier. We are inviting our fans along for the ride and can’t wait for new ones to join us along the way,” said Mahalia, frontwoman for the band.

2 Mile Hill is scheduled to release their first single, “It’s Over” in January 2016.