26 03, 2021

The Queens Circle | BARBADOS CONNECT

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Last weekend in Barbados was a time of virtual celebration for the arts community. Mahalia is the lead vocalist in Barbados’ favorite band, 2 Mile Hill. Her platform, Mahalia’s Corner, has ingrained itself into the local music scene, with amazing features from top entertainers in Barbados and an open mic segment which is now notorious for introducing new talent. She is also an author and has recently released another contribution to the culture with “Bajanisms” a handbook for navigating the Bajan language. She was the only female artist to win across genres this year at The Gine On Awards.

17 12, 2020

Mikey and Mahalia spread some ‘Joy’ this Christmas | LOOP NEWS BARBADOS

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Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to LinkedInShare to WhatsAppShare to MessengerShare to EmailShare to TelegramShare to More Mikey and 2 Mile Hill have teamed up this season to spread a little Christmas joy! And that’s exactly what their recently-released collaboration is doing.  “Joy”, which was released on December 7, is a groovy, reggae-infused track with a distinctly Caribbean vibe. At the end of what has been an incredibly challenging year, its release could not be timelier.

28 11, 2020

2 Mile Hill shows love for Barbados | NATION NEWS

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Written by lead vocalist Mahalia and produced by keyboardist André “Black Man Chant” Clarke, the official video is on 2 Mile Hill’s YouTube channel. “Big Love came about from a growing desire to connect with my love for my island and its people, and it became an opportunity to bring that authentic Bajan sound to the music. https://www.nationnews.com/2020/11/28/2-mile-hill-shows-love-barbados/

12 11, 2020

2 Mile Hill shows Barbados some ‘Big Love’ this Independence | LOOP NEWS BARBADOS

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2 Mile Hill is bringing the love to Bajans this November. The Bajan pop music group has released a brand new song meant to push Bajan spirits high and show their love of 'Bimshire' to the world.

16 07, 2020

#BajanVibes – Please don’t stop the music! . . . Patrons have grand time at 2 Mile Hill event | BARBADOS TODAY

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Craving an injection of live music, 2 Mile Hill fans were vitalized when the popular band hosted Back 2 Life on Saturday evening. Lead singer Mahalia Cummins assured that they were there to jumpstart 2020 from the middle and that objective was achieved as they “turnt” it all the way up. https://barbadostoday.bb/2020/07/16/bajanvibes-please-dont-stop-the-music-patrons-have-grand-time-at-2-mile-hill-event/

20 04, 2020

Many lauded at first-ever Gine On Awards | BARBADOS TODAY

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Mahalia and 2 Mile Hill captured several categories. Among them were Best Open Mic of the Year and Event of the Year for Mahalia’s Corner. They also won Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year with Run It and R&B Artiste of the Year. https://barbadostoday.bb/2020/03/05/creatives-feted-many-lauded-at-first-ever-gine-on-awards/

23 01, 2020

When less is more . . . 2 Mile Hill thrills at Naniki | BARBADOS TODAY

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There were three acts who all held their own. But it was 2 Mile Hill who delighted the audience most. The local band sang over 15 songs and performed for close to two hours. What’s more important is that they did not disappoint. https://barbadostoday.bb/2020/01/23/when-less-is-more-2mile-hill-thrills-at-naniki/

5 09, 2019

Standing room only | BARBADOS TODAY

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It was a nostalgic and emotional night for Mahalia Cummins and her band 2 Mile Hill as they celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mahalia’s Corner with the first of six events for this year’s season, last night. See full article on Barbados Today  

20 08, 2019

2 Mile Hill ‘Run It’ With First Crop Over Single | NATION NEWS

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4 06, 2019


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After yesterday promising to drop a new single if their “Conversation” music video reached 10,ooo views on YouTube, local band 2 Mile Hill kept their promise and released the lyric video for their latest song “Get Over” at around midnight this morning.  At the time of publishing, the lyric video had already accumulated 100 views. See it at zgemag.com